March 15, 2015

Jim Irsay is the owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts. He’s becoming more well known for acquiring guitars than Super Bowl rings.

Indianapolis Colts Championship Ring

Irsay owns one Super Bowl ring – from 2006 and also possesses a 2009 AFC championship ring. He’s wearing the 2009 championship ring in the photo above, while playing a guitar he purchased that was Jerry Garcia’s main guitar, known as the “Tiger” guitar.

I have no idea why he’s not wearing his Super Bowl XLI ring, perhaps it’s too big and heavy when he’s playing guitar.

Irsay’s had some better years lately than his Colts team. In 2013 Irsay acquired an instrument originally owned by the Beatles, a pristine 1959 Gibson Les Paul and an ultra rare 1939 Martin D-45.

This year he was in the news, acquiring a Les Paul guitar owned and played by Les himself, and the guitar John Lenon used in recording “Paperback Writer”.

Irsay owns around 175 – 200 guitars, many of them are quite famous or were owned by famous musicians. He once paid nearly $1 million for a single guitar, and doesn’t sound like someone who’s about to let go of his rock ‘n’ roll souvenirs. His goal is to grow his collection to 1,000 pieces.

In case you’re wondering, Irsay plays his guitars.

Championship ring enthusiasts better hope (me included) that Irsay doesn’t get into collecting other people’s championship rings, since he seldom looses an item at auction that he wants.

I buy championship rings all the time! If you want to sell a championship ring, let me know!

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