March 13, 2015

The championship ring is stunning, obviously modified from a front office 2004 Super Bowl ring.

**photo description here**

Could we be looking at the new 2014, Super Bowl XLIX ring that will be awarded to the New England players, coaches and employees in a few months?

It’s highly doubtful this or a similar version will be presented to team players and coaches. The reason is that this championship ring would be substantially smaller in size than New England’s last winning ring – the 2004 Super Bowl ring.

The 2004 Super Bowl ring was gigantic, weighing in a little over 100 grams, in 14K white solid gold. Some front office employees received a non gold version (same color as the player’s rings) with imitation diamonds that looked very similar to the ring shown above. Obviously, that championship ring had three large imitation diamonds and Lombardi trophies, not four as shown above.

Perhaps, if the Patriots decide to offer a smaller front office ring again this year, the super bowl ring shown above could be   very similar to what is ultimately presented to front office employees.

Championship ring collectors are looking forward to the new rings, if they are anything like what Rob Kraft has presented in the past, the new championship rings will be spectacular.

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