March 10, 2015

Continuing the blogs on the two championship rings awarded from every Super Bowl, here’s the next pair; an inside look at the two championship rings from Super Bowl XII:

Super Bowl XII Championship rings

As I’ve written many times, I hope you will accept my apology that the photo contains my website address. If I did not include it in the picture, other notorious web sites would steal my pictures and eBay sellers who make those incredibly cheap replicas in China that don’t look as realistic as authentic championship rings, will use these photos to claim the pictures are of their replica championship rings!

Most of the pictures I use in this blog series of the two championship rings are from my personal championship ring collection. As you know, these championship rings are extremely rare in the collecting community and are so rarely (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from specific Super Bowls. So I hope you will excuse my on-going attempt to keep these photos from being misused and misrepresented. When I do use a picture found on the internet, I promise, I won’t place my website over the picture.

The ring on the left is the Dallas Cowboys second winning Super Bowl Ring from their 1977 season. Like the Raiders, the Cowboys made an effort to keep their championship ring theme the same. Later on, when they won the three Super Bowls in four seasons in the 90′s they radically changed the design of their Super Bowl Rings).

The Cowboys 1977 Super Bowl ring was designed and manufactured by Jostens in 10K solid white gold, the ring contains two large diamonds and smaller diamonds that give the ring some beautiful bling. The ring weighs 43 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII ring is extremely rare and in high demand by Cowboy fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. Very few of these rings have made it to the collecting community and the few that have, sold for a lot of money.

Harvey Martin, the co-MVP of Super Bowl XII, just had his ring sold at auction recently. The ring sold for $71,700.00.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is still recognized as a champion of their respective conference. I don’t know of any Denver Broncos rings besides the one I own that have hit the market place. This ring was made by Jostens in 10K gold. It weighs 36 grams. Boy, talk about a rare ring!

Please remember that I buy super bowl rings and buy championship rings too, so do let me know if you have a championship ring you would like to sell.

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