March 4, 2015

This picture recently showed up on Twitter. All those Patriot haters can have fun with this tweet if you google the recipient’s last name and “Patriots”.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Rings

Whether you love the New England Patriots or despise them, if you’re a championship ring enthusiast, you have to admire this photograph.

It’s not the easy to decipher the details of each ring, but after studying the photograph, you can see all five championship rings of the Tom Brady / Bill Belichick era.

Soon there will be sixth championship ring, and I suppose that will create a new challenge for long time Patriot employees to figure out how to wear each one at the same time. Perhaps the latest edition can go on the thumb.

The employee in the picture received player version rings, not smaller front office rings. If he was trying to make a statement and show off his bling he should have prominently displayed the Super Bowl ring on the far left more prominently. That ring is the Super Bowl XXXIX ring and is the largest Super Bowl ring ever made.

The next championship ring, (second from the left) is the 2007 AFC ring, awarded when the Pats lost the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

The ring in the middle is the first Super Bowl ring Brady and Belichick won, the XXXVI ring.

The ring second from the right is the championship ring from Super Bowl XXXVIII.

The last ring, all the way on the far right is barley visible. It’s the last ring the Pats received before winning the most recent Super Bowl. The ring is the 2011 AFC championship ring. The clue to identifying it (besides being the only one left) is the visible “MHK”. Those initials are a special tribute to Myra Kraft. Myra passed in 2011 and was Robert Kraft’s wife.

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