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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl X

February 14, 2015

Continuing my blog series on the two amazing championship rings awarded from every Super Bowl, here’s the next installment; an inside look at the two championship rings from Super Bowl X:

super bowl x championship rings

As I’ve written so many times before, please accept my apologies that the above photo contains my website address. If I didn’t super-impose this in the picture, other web sites would steal my pictures and eBay sellers who make those incredibly cheap replicas in China that don’t look as realistic as authentic championship rings, will use my photos to claim the pictures are of their replica championship rings!

Almost every pictures I use on this blog series of the two championship rings are from my personal championship ring collection. As you know, these rings are extremely rare in the hobby place and are very seldom (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from specific Super Bowl games. So again, please excuse my effort to keep these photos from being misused and misrepresented. When I do use a picture found on the internet, I promise, I won’t place my website over the picture.

The ring on the left is the Pittsburgh Steelers second winning Super Bowl Ring from their 1975 season. No team has more winning super bowl rings than the Steelers (currently at 6) and this is their second one and only the third back-to-back Super Bowl ring (the Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins were the first two teams to accomplish this feat).

Designed and manufactured by Balfour in 10K solid yellow gold, it contains two large diamonds, for each Super Bowl the team had won and weighs approximately 42 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl X ring is extremely rare and in high demand by Pittsburgh Steeler fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. Very few of these rings have made it to the collecting community.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is still recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Dallas Cowboys championship ring from this game was made by Balfour in 10K white solid gold. Although the ring looks almost as large as the Steelers ring, it weighs in at around 34 grams.

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NFL Debuts New Super Bowl Ring Display at NFL Experience

February 13, 2015

The new Super Bowl ring display is a huge upgrade from the original display, however fans had to wait in long lines to see all 48 rings.

NFL Experience Super Bowl Ring Display
NFL Experience Super Bowl Ring Display

The NFL experience is set up two weeks before the Super Bowl in the city that hosts the big event. The event is open until the day before the game, usually at a large convention center or in huge tents set up in the parking lot adjacent to the stadium hosting the game.

One of the largest draws of the NFL experience has been the Super Bowl ring display. Although not publicized, the rings are all salesman samples – received from the championship ring manufactures, and made of 10K gold with imitation diamonds.

A video plays near the display and showcases Jostens, who has made more super bowl rings than any other company. The video shows how Super Bowl rings are made.

Unlike this blog, that pays tribute to the losing Super Bowl rings – commonly called the AFC and NFC championship rings, those rings are not found or acknowledged at the NFL Experience Super Bowl exhibit.

The new design of the exhibit is very similar to the showcase found at the NFL Headquarters in Manhattan. Each ring is displayed on a pedestal and sliding magnifying glasses allow the viewers to see the ring details close up.

As good as the new display is, it resulted in much longer lines to see the super bowl rings. Rather than wait on a huge line that did not appear to move, I skipped this exhibit. In fact, the show was so crowded, I just about skipped most exhibits.

The NFL Experience seems to become less and less enjoyable each year. The sports-card and memorabilia show, once a large part of the event, has shrunk down to just about a non existence.

Hunt auctions did hold their annual Super Bowl Memorabilia auction, one day before the game on Saturday.

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Coach Herb Brooks’ Miracle On Ice Olympic Championship Ring Coming to Auction

February 12, 2015

As we approach the 35th anniversary on one of the most monumental upsets in sports history, Heritage Auctions is selling key memorabilia from USA coach Herb Brooks.

1980 olympic hockey ring

Among the treasures going up on the auction block are Brooks’ personal whistle, stopwatch and sweatsuit that he wore during the 1980 Winter Olympics in addition to a collection of his personal notes on the players.

Perhaps no item will go for more money than his cherished championship ring – the Olympic ring he was awarded as head coach. The gold medal would go for more money but is not being offered in the auction.

The items were consigned by the family of the late coach and they just don’t cover the 1980 Olympics, they cover much of his Hall of Fame career.

“The name of Herb Brooks inspires reverence and respect in the heart of any American that remembers the ‘Miracle on Ice,’” noted Chris Ivy, Director of Sports Collectibles at Heritage Auctions in a press release. “This is the first time that his family is opening their archives to make some of the coach’s treasures to the fans that admire him so deeply. It’s a compelling look at the most famous U.S. Olympic moment of them all and the man that masterminded it all.”

Brooks, who died in 2003, had a solid amateur hockey career and was a standout at the University of Minnesota. Ironically, Brooks was the last player cut before the United States went to the 1960 Winter Olympics and surprised the world with a gold medal victory, he received the opportunity to play for his country in the two Olympic events that followed. By 1970-71, his active playing days had drawn to a close and he transitioned into coaching. Promoted to head coach by 1972-73, he led his teams to three NCAA championships.

In 1979, he was brought in to serve as America’s boss at the 1979 IIHF World Championship and he remained in that position for the upcoming Olympics. He selected the roster from the best collegiate players around, and drew criticism for picking too many of his former players and their rivals from Boston University to make up the core of the team.

Considered huge underdogs heading into the tournament, they managed to earn an upset victory over Czechoslovakia and tied Sweden before qualifying for the round-robin elimination round. On February 22, 1980, the Americans pulled off the unthinkable as the defeated the Soviet Union team. Fans in Lake Placid got to see the game live, but the rest of the country watched it on tape delay and Al Michaels‘ call of “Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!” resonated with the nation. Two days later, the U.S. team won the gold medals after defeating Finland.

Heritage has noted that the championship ring up for bids is only the third every offered from that team with the first two coming from players Mark Pavelich and Mark Wells.

“We’d consider this to be the most significant of all rings issued to that celebrated pack of underdogs,” continued Ivy, “The one worn by the man who gave birth to the greatest moment in American sports history. It’s also important to note that the Olympic Gold Medal Ring was the only symbol of victory that Brooks initially received for the Miracle on Ice. He was eventually awarded a gold medal from the USOC, but it is not standard practice and only done after a groundswell of support.”

Over 30 different lots of Brooks’ memorabilia will be offered and some of the other highlights include his 1974 and 1976 University of Minnesota Golden Gophers NCAA Hockey Championship rings, a jersey he wore while playing for the United States during the 1968 Winter Olympics and another that was worn during international competition during that decade. Additionally, his Hockey Hall of Fame induction ring is also available and it was presented to his family was he was posthumously enshrined in 2006.

This is not the only Miracle On Ice memorabilia that is presently available as Montreal-based Classic Auctions has items from Rob McClanahan in their current event. In addition to his jersey that was worn during that landmark game, his jacket from the 1979 pre-Olympic tournament.

Items from the Miracle On Ice game have done very well at auction in recent years. Heritage sold team captain Mike Eruzione‘s jersey two years ago for nearly $660,000 and a game-used and team-signed stick from goaltender Jim Craig reached a bid of over $32,000.

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More Fake Yankee Championship Rings Show Up at Auction

February 11, 2015

I was alerted to the two fake Yankee rings currently in the Legendary Auction by someone on the championship ring forum.

fake Yankee World Series rings
fake Yankee World Series rings

The two World series rings are obvious fakes. The easiest way to tell is to look at the stars in the lower part of the top-hat on both sets of rings. The real rings show the stars in detail, while one fake ring’s stars is terrible quality and the other fake ring has no stars.

When I emailed Legendary about this matter, and included the above two pictures, plus pictures of bad engraving examples that match their rings, I received an email from Doug Allen:

“Hey Michael,

I discussed these rings with the consignor. He has documentation that the 58 was purchased from a Balfour sales rep in May of 1995 and the 1964 was purchased from a sales rep in Sept of 1997. This was added to the site.



Doug Allen, President & CEO”

Auction houses take in consignments and sometimes a fake item will be consigned. Most auction houses, when provided with evidence that an item is no good will do the right thing and take the bad items out of the auction.

In this case, Doug had decided to leave the items in the auction. For those of you not familiar with Doug Allen, and his former associate, Bill Mastro, I suggest you google their names. According to the New York Daily News – Allen has pleaded guilty for his role on sports memorabilia fraud. A grand jury indicted him on 14 counts of fraud in July 2012 and he is facing 12 years of prison time.

Just because the consigner says it was purchased from a Balfour sales rep does not make these rings real.

I have contacted an executive from Balfour who will be looking into this matter, and furthermore, Dennis, a member of has provided me with contact information for the Northern Illinois DA’s office. I will be reaching out to the DA too.

I will let the readers know how this story unfolds.

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Scott Norwood AFC Championship Rings to Hit Auction

February 10, 2015

Buffalo Bills fans and championship ring collectors can now own Scott Norwood’s actual Bills championship rings.

Buffalo Bills Scott Norwood AFC Championsip ring

SCP Auctions will be auctioning Scott Norwood’s 1990 and 1991 AFC championship rings that were awarded to him when he was the Bills kicker.

Had it not been for Norwood’s 47-yard field goal attempt, (his longest attempt on a grass), that sailed wide right, the Bills would have defeated the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV.

Things only got worse the Buffalo Bills as they proceeded to lose the next three Super Bowls as well in the franchise’s only four super bowl appearances.

The 1990 AFC championship ring is expected to sell for much more money, said Dan Imler, SCP Auctions vice president, because had Norwood not missed the kick in the Super Bowl, the Bills would have owned winning Super Bowl rings. Imler said the company’s conservative estimate for the 1990 ring is $15,000.

Imler said the rings are not coming directly from Norwood, but it is the first time they are publicly for sale or auction.

“I think this would mean more to a Bills fan,” Imler said. “But the Buckner ball originally went to Charlie Sheen [a Mets fan], and the Bartman ball went to Cubs fans who blew it up.”

Norwood, who retired after the 1991 season, finally returned twenty years later, in 2011, to Ralph Wilson Stadium to be honored by the Bills. Norwood received a Distinguished Service Award for his work in the local community.

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