February 28, 2015

Ridenlow71, a frequent contributor on the sportslogos.net – championship ring forum, posted this picture of the Kansas basketball big 12 championship ring:

Kansas Jayhawks championship ring

When you think back to some of the really great championship rings of all time, some of them are great because they pay tribute to amazing accomplishments. The Yankees 1953 World Series ring comes to mind, where the Yankees broke their two decade tradition of making the same championship ring over and over again. Realizing they were the only team to win five consecutive World Series, they placed a “5″ on top of their 1953 World Series ring and embedded a diamond inside the number.

From a collecting stand point, the 1953 Yankee ring is more valuable than the more common Yankee championship rings from that time period.

Ridenlow pointed out in the forum that “the 10 on top stands for 10 straight conference championships”.

Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks, and their 10 year consecutive ride of big 12 championships. And they did a great job not making a typical championship ring – but instead designing a championship ring that celebrates an amazing and special accomplishment.

And special thanks to Ridenlow for his frequent contributions on the ring forum mentioned above!

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