February 26, 2015

Recently this tweet showed up on the internet:

NCAA Championship rings

Yesterday, ESPN broke a story on how LeBron James Sr. does not like colleges’ attempts to recruit his 10-year old son, LeBron James Jr.

The son is already showing flashes of greatness on the basketball court.

“He plays just like I did,” James Sr. told CBS Detroit. “He has great awareness, and he’d rather pass first and set guys up. Most kids nowadays just want to score.”

Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari watched LeBron James Jr. play last summer during the AAU 4th Grade National Championship in Lexington. Additionally, Ohio State’s Thad Matta, confessed that LeBron James Jr. was on his radar during a news conference. Other Division I coaches will soon begin to track the youngster if they are not already monitoring his progress.

Someday, perhaps LeBron James Jr. will have a bunch of championship rings – just as his father does!

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