February 22, 2015

While thrilled the Yankees won the 2009 World Series, as an obsessed championship ring collector, I worried, how was I going to acquire a 2009 ring?

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Picture of 2009 Yankees World Series Ring

You’d never know I was a Yankee fan, or a baseball fan, or a hockey fan, judging by all the blogs I write about football championship rings.

Yes, I am a Yankee fan, and in fact, I collect World Series Rings too, specifically, ones from New York Baseball. That would include World Series rings and American and National league championship rings from the Yankees, Mets, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants baseball teams.

When the Yankees ended their 9 year doubt, and won the 2009 World Series, as a championship ring collector I was very worried. Back in 2000, the last time the Yankees awarded World Series rings, George Steinbrenner was very angry that employees put their championship rings up for sale. As a result he scaled back tremendously on who was given a World Series ring.

The 2000 Yankee World Series rings are very rare. They were only given to players, coaches, a few scouts and a few high level executives. If you research what a 2000 Yankee World Series ring sells for versus a 1996 or 1998 version you will see a huge difference in price.

Luckily I was wrong – The Steinbrenner family (specifically George’s two sons and daughter) were more hands on running the organization and deiced to give the same ring to many employees. In fact, since the player’s rings did not contain their jersey number, the rings are 100% identical to the rings that employees received. That means that each ring contains the same amount of real diamonds, the same engravings, and the same size and weight. The only difference is the players received a special wood and glass presentation box.

I have researched the 30 or so 2009 World Series rings that have hit the market place. They were from sales executives, scouts, front office people, security staff and ball park operations personnel. Executives of the minor league teams and various levels of people within the organization were awarded these rings. Players were also given the option to buy additional rings to give to family and friends.

Want a 2009 Yankee world series ring? It seems there is always one for sale or coming up in auction.

Please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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