February 11, 2015

I was alerted to the two fake Yankee rings currently in the Legendary Auction by someone on the net54baseball.com championship ring forum.

fake Yankee World Series rings
fake Yankee World Series rings

The two World series rings are obvious fakes. The easiest way to tell is to look at the stars in the lower part of the top-hat on both sets of rings. The real rings show the stars in detail, while one fake ring’s stars is terrible quality and the other fake ring has no stars.

When I emailed Legendary about this matter, and included the above two pictures, plus pictures of bad engraving examples that match their rings, I received an email from Doug Allen:

“Hey Michael,

I discussed these rings with the consignor. He has documentation that the 58 was purchased from a Balfour sales rep in May of 1995 and the 1964 was purchased from a sales rep in Sept of 1997. This was added to the site.



Doug Allen, President & CEO”

Auction houses take in consignments and sometimes a fake item will be consigned. Most auction houses, when provided with evidence that an item is no good will do the right thing and take the bad items out of the auction.

In this case, Doug had decided to leave the items in the auction. For those of you not familiar with Doug Allen, and his former associate, Bill Mastro, I suggest you google their names. According to the New York Daily News – Allen has pleaded guilty for his role on sports memorabilia fraud. A grand jury indicted him on 14 counts of fraud in July 2012 and he is facing 12 years of prison time.

Just because the consigner says it was purchased from a Balfour sales rep does not make these rings real.

I have contacted an executive from Balfour who will be looking into this matter, and furthermore, Dennis, a member of net54baseball.com has provided me with contact information for the Northern Illinois DA’s office. I will be reaching out to the DA too.

I will let the readers know how this story unfolds.

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