February 1, 2015

There’s nothing like Super Bowl Sunday, and this evening Championship Ring Enthusiasts will know who’s getting new huge rings!

Superbowl championship rings

Will Brady get his fourth ring and go 4-2 in the big game? Or will Tom fall to 3 – 3?

Will the game be as close as many expects believe?

From the championship ring perspective, there are some intriguing questions too:

Will the Seahawks become the first team to get “back-to-back” Super Bowl rings since the Patriots did ten seasons ago?

Will the Patriots scale back their Super Bowl ring willingly, if they win today and deflate-gate tarnishes their championship?

Will Diamond Cutters International, who unleashed a marketing campaign over the last couple of weeks to let the world know they want to design the next championship ring be awarded the rights to the next ring?

Let’s meet back here at the blog in a day or two and see what happened and what new stories emerge.

PS – sorry the blog was so quiet this week, I am in Phoenix for the game and don’t have the proper resources to write this blog.

I promise I will catch up in a few days and have stories about the Hunt Super Bowl Auction in Phoenix and my trip to the Pawnstars in Vegas to see and speak to them about their championship rings. I’ll also blog about all the great people I met.

Please remember I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring that you want to sell please contact me.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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