January 28, 2015

Could one of these Championship Ring designs wind up being the next Super Bowl ring?

Super Bowl XLIX Rings

Yes, one of these two Championship Ring designs shown above could be the next Super Bowl ring, if Houston based Diamond Cutters International   wins the selection process.

Fred Cuellar, CEO of Diamond Cutters International (or DCI for short) boasts: “My expertise in diamonds; I’m considered one of the best diamond experts in the world,” Cuellar said. “So to get to design these little miniature trophies for these incredible athletes is such an incredible honor.”

According to the site, Click2houston.com, they wrote “Diamond Cutters International has designed four Super Bowl rings and has been involved in the process with more than a dozen rings.”.

According to my many years of research and personally owning every single Super Bowl ring with the exception of three that were all made by Jostens, I am sure that Diamond Cutters International designed and produced only one or two super bowl rings that were chosen to be made officially for the teams – The Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII ring and possibly, the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX ring.

Of all the championship rings I have ever seen, in my humble opinion (and many in the jewelry and championship ring market-place agree), the design and making of the shanks (the sides) of those two championship rings were way below the standards of Jostens and Balfour.

A company by the name of “Diamond Masters” supposedly made the Cowboys Super Bowl XXX ring, and I am not sure if these two companies with similar names are connected.

Why am I not sure who made the rings? It seems like a simple thing to find out but it’s not. With the exception of these two Super Bowl rings, every other ring manufacturer who has made a Super Bowl ring has proudly stamped their name inside the ring. Ironically, the Super Bowl XXX and XXXII rings are only stamped “14K”,   nothing else is stamped on the inside.

The Following year, after the Broncos repeated as World Champions, they awarded the Super Bowl ring contract to Jostens. Perhaps it’s possible they were not thrilled with the quality of the ring sides. In my opinion, the ring sides were substantially improved when Jostens made the Super Bowl XXXIII ring for the Broncos.

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