January 15, 2015

Slidekellyslide, a moderator and contributor on Net54baseball.com, posted images of paperwork found inside a Green Bay Packer scouting report. What he uncovered is amazing:

Green Bay Packer Championship Rings

Slidekellyslid, owns a Packers scouting report that was compiled and written by 1960s long time Green Bay scout and recruiter, Lew Anderson.

If Lew Anderson’s name sounds familiar to any championship ring enthusiast, that’s because the Anderson family sold three of Lew’s Packer Championship rings at auction – the 1962 and 1965 World Championship rings, and his Super Bowl II ring.

All three original rings, made by Jostens, were sold by Sotheby’s in their final sports memorabilia auction in 2008. Sotheby’s exited the sports memorabilia auction marketplace after this auction and has yet to return.

Sliekellyslide’s paperwork uncovered the surprising fact that Anderson apparently had to pay for his own 1962 World Championship ring (shown below).

Green Bay Packer 1962 World Championship Ring

The two pages inside the scouting report that he posted to the championship ring section on the net54baseball.com forum were:

1) A letter to the Jostens sales-rep from Lew Anderson clearly documenting that he personally paid for his own 1962 Championship ring, and how much he enjoyed having the championship ring.

2) The second page was a receipt for the ring with a personalized note from the Jostens salesman. The note mentioned that the Packers had ordered 55 rings and that the team paid the same price for each one that Lew paid.

The 1962 Championship rings that the Packers and Anderson purchased for $165.00 would be worth many thousands of dollars today.

I’m hopeful that as the Packers accumulated three more championship rings after the 1962 season, they paid for Lew Anderson rings.

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