December 27, 2014

The player was reunited with his 1980 ALCS ring after it went missing 33 years ago.

Kansas City Royal Championship Ring

First baseman Willie Aikens explained that a thief broke into his residence and stole the ALCS ring back in 1981.

Last month, Aikens found the ring at a pawn shop. The owner of the shop wanted $2,500 for the ring (a bargain compared to what the rings get on the open market place).

Aikens said a good pal helped him get back his cherished championship ring.

“I got emotional, tears came out of my eyes and it just put me in another situation with my spiritual life that shows me when we walk in the ways of the Lord that God will bless our lives,” Aikens said.

The Royals lost in the 1980 World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies. The 14K solid gold ring was made by Jostens and is one of a very few baseball ALCS or NLCS rings not to contain one or more diamonds.

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