December 24, 2014

Websites selling Super Bowl style rings are expecting a surge in sales now that the NFL regular season is wrapping up. It’s that time of year where fantasy leagues crown their champions.

Championship Ring

Ask any athlete – “the ring is the thing” – and now fantasy football league winners can flash some championship bling of their own.

“Putting on the ring’s a great way to shut up your trash-talking friends,” said jeweler Greg Boudakian, 44, who launched the site last month. “All you have to do is wave your hand.”

There are other site too, such as and They peddle the hardware for as little as $15.

It’s not just little companies either: Famed championship ring maker Jostens, who has made more Super Bowl rings than any other manufacturer, has jumped in on the fantasy craze with rings starting at $149.

Boudakian, an NYU graduate and fantasy sports player himself, is targeting a higher-end client with three styles of rings that range in price from $295 to $695.

The championship ring can be customized with league name, team name and year. It comes in stainless steel with non precious stones. If you or your league really want to go all out, his rings can be ordered in gold with diamonds for additional money.

Many leagues have abandoned the use of trophies and pennants, Boudakian said, and order rings before the start of a season to hand out at their year-end ceremony. He plans to produce championship rings for fantasy basketball and baseball on his site soon.

“Bobble heads and plastic trophies are for kids,” Boudakian said. “A championship ring is something you can wear with pride.”

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