December 6, 2014

While this doesn’t qualify as a photo bomb or super bowl ring humor, consider this a reminder; If you’re lucky enough to post a picture of you and a championship ring, don’t do this:

Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl Rings

In my latest find on Twitter of a fan wearing a championship ring, I see Ryan posing with three winning Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings. The rings shown from left to right are the Steelers Super Bowl XLIII, XL, and XIV rings.

Some collectors refer to the rings (again from left to right) as Super Bowl rings from the 2008, 2005, and 1979. What makes the roman numeral system so much more accurate in identifying a super bowl ring is that the big game itself is played early in the following year and not during the same year as the actual season (ie, the Steelers played and won Super Bowl XLIII during the 2008 season, although the game was played in February of 2009).

So Ryan did pretty well with the photos; they are basically in focus, the championship rings are correctly placed and not upside down, and he is smiling. Things go wrong when he tries to post his message and tell the Twitter world about his shinning moment.

I hate to nitpick but the tweet would have been a much better post if his words made sense.

Oh well, better luck next time.

I know this championship ring blog has not had much news lately or shown rare photos of championship rings. I promise, I will be starting a series of new stories and brand new photos of super bowl and championship rings very soon.

Thank you for your emails and messages and for reading this blog!

Please spread the word, I am looking to buy championship rings, especially Super Bowl rings. If you or anyone you know is selling a championship ring, please contact me.

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