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Auction House Blunder Regarding Hank Stram’s Super Bowl Ring

November 25, 2014

An auction house shows they don’t know a real ring from a common salesman sample ring in their latest auction.

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl ring

Dale Stram, son of Chiefs Hall of Fame legendary coach Hank Stram, said there is absolutely no truth to reports that his father’s ring from Super Bowl IV is up for auction.

Hank Stram passed away in 2005, and the ring is in Dale Stram’s possession.

“There has been recent speculation regarding my father, Coach Hank Stram, and his Super Bowl ring that was awarded to him after the 1970 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV,” Dale Stram said in a statement released by the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Upon his death, my father bequeathed his awarded Super Bowl IV ring to me. I am presently the sole and legal owner of the ring, which remains in my possession. This is an unequivocal statement that I treasure my father’s Super Bowl IV ring and I will retain it for my lifetime.”

Adding proof that the auction house, Worthridge Auctions, is selling a common salesman sample as Hank Stam’s original super bowl ring, one of the pictures on their website clearly shows the salesman sample markings engraved inside the super bowl ring (see photo above).

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Displaying Championship Rings – Part 1

November 24, 2014

A reader wrote to me after last week’s story on championship ring displays. He asked of additional ideas to showcase rings. Here’s what I do:

super bowl and championship ring displays

The first thing I told the reader is that my valuable championship rings are kept in the large vault found at commercial banks. I take a lot of photos of the rings so I don’t feel the need to keep them around the house where they could get destroyed by fire or lost by theft. I recommend this to anyone buying championship rings.

I do keep minor league, some college football, and replica championship rings around and because of their low value, I don’t mind displaying them. I also like to display replica super bowl rings. As long as these rings stay locked in their display, they continue to look great, even after years of ownership.

super bowl and championship ring displays

Many of these championship rings are kept in a white curio display case. Some curio displays lock and I find the lock is a big aid in keeping the championship rings and other sports memorabilia safe. You’ll notice all I need to display a ton of super bowl rings and other championship rings is less than 6 inches in height. If I wanted to have shelves every 6 inches apart, this cabinet would be able to hold hundreds of championship rings!

In my display case you can see plenty of Danbury Mint statues (notice the Brooklyn Dodger World Series rings in front of the statues and baseball cards behind the statues in the top photograph (the rings and cards are replicas, and so is the Heisman trophy on the lower right).

Soon, I will write a Part 2 to this blog and show other ways I display championship rings. Feel free to send me your methods and I will be happy to publish them.

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Vikings Head coach Mike Zimmer uses his Super Bowl bling as teaching tool

November 23, 2014

The Vikings linebackers coach, Adam Zimmer and his father, head coach Mike Zimmer, show off their Super Bowl rings.

Saints and Dalls Cowboy Super Bowl Rings

The Vikings’ first-year head coach was the Cowboys defensive backs coach during the 1995 season. When the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 to win Super Bowl XXX. Zimmer, then in his first NFL season, got not only a championship ring but a miniature replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Not every team hands out these large replica Lombardi trophies but Jerry Jones did.

Including Zimmer, five Minnesota coaches have picked up a total of nine Super Bowl rings in their previous jobs as assistant coaches.

Then there’s Zimmer’s son, linebackers coach Adam Zimmer, pictured above who was awarded a super bowl ring with New Orleans in 2009. His father calls it “pretty cool” that both he and his son have rings.

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Here’s the link to the full, comprehensive story:

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Ottis Anderson, The Modified Super Bowl Ring, and a Photobomb All Together!

November 22, 2014

I blogged only a few days ago about Ottis Anderson and his modified Giants Super Bowl XXI ring, and in another blog, discussed recent Photobombs. Look at the photo that just appeared on Twitter!

New York Giant Super Bowl Rings

A couple of days ago (scroll down the page or use the search button on the right) we showed a close up of Bart Oates Giants Super Bowl XXI ring and how he modified it to increase the bling on the ring. I mentioned that his teammate, Ottis Anderson did the same thing to his Super bowl XXI ring.

Here in the photograph you can see New York Giants fan Natalie, modeling the modified super bowl XXI ring.

And, we can classify Natalie’s tweet as another Super Bowl ring photobomb!

My advise to those lucky fans who get to wear championship rings with the players who won them, and then post it on twitter – please be sure to identify the ring properly. Natalie tweets that she’s wearing Ottis Anderson’s Super Bowl XXV ring, when in fact she is wearing the Super Bowl XXI ring.

Perhaps she slipped because she really wanted to wear the Super Bowl XXV ring – Ottis was named MVP of Super Bowl XXV and the NFL Films story of him and that super bowl game is absolutely must-watch television.

Another theory is perhaps Natalie, like the rest of us, is a hard-core fan of super bowl rings and championship rings and just got confused since the Super Bowl XXI ring she is wearing was so heavily modified.

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Another Super Bowl Ring Photobomb

November 21, 2014

Gee, if you are lucky enough to take a picture wearing a super bowl ring, could you conjure up a normal simile?

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring

The last couple of years, pictures of lucky individuals getting a rare chance to wear a championship ring have been popping up all over on Twitter.

Most of the photos are really cool, showing the recipient as happy as can be and sometimes even the famous ring owner appears in the photo.

These pictures help my sanity since it reminds me I’m not crazy to want to buy championship rings.

The photograph above, shows a girl wearing a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring. She posted this photo on Twitter, and I am wondering if she and her friends regret their facial expressions.

Oh well, perhaps they will get another chance someday to be photographed with a championship ring.

Please remember, I don’t pose for Twitter with my championship rings, but I love to buy super bowl rings. If you have any championship ring to sell, please contact me.

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