November 30, 2014

A Yankee 1978 World Series Ring with “Whitey Ford” engraved inside the ring is being offered on eBay for $17,999. Here’s what you should know about it:

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Whitey Ford 1978 Yankee World Series Ring

Pictured above: The top photos is the bogus Whitey Ford ring on ebay, below is an authentic 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

Don’t buy this championship ring – it’s not an authentic 1978 Yankee World Series ring.

In fact, if you are ever offered a Whitey Ford championship ring, or a Cliff Johnson World Series ring be very careful.

Both of these former Yankee players are notorious for selling their rings over and over again and many of their rings were remade and not by Balfour. Balfour has been making authentic Yankee world series rings since the early 1950s.

Here’s why the Whitey Ford World Series ring shown above is not authentic:

The top of the ring is very different from the authentic championship ring shown directly below it. Notice the small diamonds going around the authentic ring are spaced further apart in the real ring. This is how the 1978 World Series ring was designed. Further, the square piece designed to house the diamond is completely wrong and the diamond in the Ford world series ring is much smaller than the diamond that is supposed to be found on the ring.

The side of the world series rings look identical and I can not spot any huge differences, but perhaps the Yankees “freeze” for “facade” looks cleaner on the authentic ring on the bottom (especially near the top).

The engraving inside the ring is another major clue that the eBay Yankee World Series ring is not authentic. Although the authentic World Series ring pictured below has “Greatest come back in history” engraved in it and it looks amateurish, that is how every authentic Yankee ring was engraved – the exact same style and font. If you think I am wrong, research all the 1978 Yankee rings that have sold at major auction houses and you will see they all look this way.

Besides the Whitey Ford ring having the wrong engraving style on that phrase, the “LGB 14K” engraving looks completely wrong and the name “Whitey Ford” looks like it was engraved at a later time since it is a different style, different depth, and is on a different angle than the rest of the engraving.

If you buy this World Series ring you will someday be sorry, so my recommendation is to stay away.

Please note, I buy World Series rings and Super Bowl rings and other championship rings. If you are looking to sell any championship rings please contact me.

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