November 26, 2014

A reader wrote to me after last week’s story on championship ring displays. He asked for some suggestions to showcase championship rings. Here’s more of what I do:

championship ring display case

The photo above shows championship rings housed and protected in a high quality Acrylic Display Case. Acrylic cases are great ways for a sports memorabilia collectors to display many types of items. They are as clear as glass and come in all types of styles and sizes.

Some companies will even build displays to your exact specifications. Unlike cheap plastic displays from many years ago, these promise not to yellow over time (although they are easily scratched so try to keep them away from young children).

The home-plate design was originally made to display baseballs. The numerous ball holders are well designed, and will hold championship rings. As your collection grows, and you have too many championship rings, you can put them in-between the holders and create a multi-level effect that’s pleasing to the eye.

While my case locks, it would not offer any real protection from a thief. So the first thing I recommend is that your valuable championship rings should be kept in the large vault found at commercial banks. I take a lot of photos of the rings so I don’t feel the need to keep them around the house where they could get destroyed by fire or lost by theft. I recommend this to anyone buying championship rings.

I do keep minor league, some college football, and replica championship rings around and because of their low value, I don’t mind displaying them. I also like to display replica super bowl rings. As long as these rings stay locked in their display, they continue to look great, even after years of ownership.

While Acrylic is great for displaying championship rings, the thin shelving may sag in the middle over time due to too much weight. I would recommend staying away from acrylic shelves with long, unsupported spans. The home-plate shape is great because there are no long spans and after a few years use, the shelves have not sagged. I would also recommend a mirror behind the shelves to really show off the rings and last, a locking device.

These cases can be found at memorabilia shows or on the internet.

Please do share your display pictures, and if you give permission, I will show it on this blog.

Please know that if decide you want to sell a Championship ring (especially if you want to sell Super Bowl rings or the conference championship rings) I buy championship rings.

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