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Whitey Ford World Series Ring on eBay Not Authentic

November 30, 2014

A Yankee 1978 World Series Ring with “Whitey Ford” engraved inside the ring is being offered on eBay for $17,999. Here’s what you should know about it:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Whitey Ford 1978 Yankee World Series Ring

Pictured above: The top photos is the bogus Whitey Ford ring on ebay, below is an authentic 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

Don’t buy this championship ring – it’s not an authentic 1978 Yankee World Series ring.

In fact, if you are ever offered a Whitey Ford championship ring, or a Cliff Johnson World Series ring be very careful.

Both of these former Yankee players are notorious for selling their rings over and over again and many of their rings were remade and not by Balfour. Balfour has been making authentic Yankee world series rings since the early 1950s.

Here’s why the Whitey Ford World Series ring shown above is not authentic:

The top of the ring is very different from the authentic championship ring shown directly below it. Notice the small diamonds going around the authentic ring are spaced further apart in the real ring. This is how the 1978 World Series ring was designed. Further, the square piece designed to house the diamond is completely wrong and the diamond in the Ford world series ring is much smaller than the diamond that is supposed to be found on the ring.

The side of the world series rings look identical and I can not spot any huge differences, but perhaps the Yankees “freeze” for “facade” looks cleaner on the authentic ring on the bottom (especially near the top).

The engraving inside the ring is another major clue that the eBay Yankee World Series ring is not authentic. Although the authentic World Series ring pictured below has “Greatest come back in history” engraved in it and it looks amateurish, that is how every authentic Yankee ring was engraved – the exact same style and font. If you think I am wrong, research all the 1978 Yankee rings that have sold at major auction houses and you will see they all look this way.

Besides the Whitey Ford ring having the wrong engraving style on that phrase, the “LGB 14K” engraving looks completely wrong and the name “Whitey Ford” looks like it was engraved at a later time since it is a different style, different depth, and is on a different angle than the rest of the engraving.

If you buy this World Series ring you will someday be sorry, so my recommendation is to stay away.

Please note, I buy World Series rings and Super Bowl rings and other championship rings. If you are looking to sell any championship rings please contact me.

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Brianna Ramos Shows Off Some Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Rings

November 29, 2014

Wow, I Think Those Are Real!

dallas cowboy super bowl rings

Hey, I’m talking about the Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl rings shown in the picture. If you are thinking about anything else in the photo being real, I have no idea.

The rings shown in the photo are super bowl rings from 1992, 1993, and 1995 (Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX).

To see better close ups of the championship rings (not Brianna), please use the search tools on the right and search for the Dallas Cowboys.

In case you are wondering about Brianna Ramos, she is a semi-famous model, and 2014 Miss Hooters Top 10 Finalist. She is working for Star Sports Tours, the official fan travel partner of the Dallas Cowboys.

On her twitter feed where she placed this photo, she mentions you can take a picture with her and those championship rings.

Please remember, I want to buy championship rings, (especially super bowl rings) so if you are thinking of selling a championship ring, please contact me.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor at Thanksgiving

November 28, 2014

This hilarious cartoon showed up on Twitter and although it did not have a reference to super bowl rings, Joe Somoza cleverly got the last laugh.

super bowl ring humor

All kidding aside, Eli and Payton Manning have some seriously beautiful super bowl rings.

We have showcased their three Super Bowl rings at my blog before, plus Payton’s two AFC championship rings.

If you would like to see pictures of all of their championship rings and learn more about these dazzling rings, use the search tool on the right and do a search on “Manning”.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

Please note that I buy championship rings and super bowl rings. If you would like to sell a championship please contact me today.

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Actress Teri Hatcher Reveals “I have a real Super Bowl Ring”

November 27, 2014

Although she was a cheerleader for the 49ers, and may have received a cheerleaders version, Teri was later given a player’s version ring. Here’s How she got it…

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIX Ring

Steve Young … Jerry Rice … a few Super Bowl ring collectors I know….. and Teri Hatcher — they ALL have Super Bowl XXIX championship rings — even though a few of them, (including Teri) wasn’t actually on the team.

The former “Lois & Clark” star was actually a cheerleader for the 49ers during their 1984 championship run, but in the video you can watch below, she explains why she was allowed to enjoy the spoils of victory when the team beat the Chargers 10 seasons later.

There’s a reference in the video about wearing orange (it’s not about loyalty to a team), Teri just returned from New York where she gave a speech to the U.N. about eliminating domestic violence — and encouraged people to wear orange … the official color to unite women against Domestic Violence.

Here’s the video:

Teri Hatcher superbowl ring video

Please remember, I buy Super Bowl rings, I’d even buy Teri’s. You wish to sell any championship rings, please contact me.

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Displaying Championship Rings – Part 2

November 26, 2014

A reader wrote to me after last week’s story on championship ring displays. He asked for some suggestions to showcase championship rings. Here’s more of what I do:

championship ring display case

The photo above shows championship rings housed and protected in a high quality Acrylic Display Case. Acrylic cases are great ways for a sports memorabilia collectors to display many types of items. They are as clear as glass and come in all types of styles and sizes.

Some companies will even build displays to your exact specifications. Unlike cheap plastic displays from many years ago, these promise not to yellow over time (although they are easily scratched so try to keep them away from young children).

The home-plate design was originally made to display baseballs. The numerous ball holders are well designed, and will hold championship rings. As your collection grows, and you have too many championship rings, you can put them in-between the holders and create a multi-level effect that’s pleasing to the eye.

While my case locks, it would not offer any real protection from a thief. So the first thing I recommend is that your valuable championship rings should be kept in the large vault found at commercial banks. I take a lot of photos of the rings so I don’t feel the need to keep them around the house where they could get destroyed by fire or lost by theft. I recommend this to anyone buying championship rings.

I do keep minor league, some college football, and replica championship rings around and because of their low value, I don’t mind displaying them. I also like to display replica super bowl rings. As long as these rings stay locked in their display, they continue to look great, even after years of ownership.

While Acrylic is great for displaying championship rings, the thin shelving may sag in the middle over time due to too much weight. I would recommend staying away from acrylic shelves with long, unsupported spans. The home-plate shape is great because there are no long spans and after a few years use, the shelves have not sagged. I would also recommend a mirror behind the shelves to really show off the rings and last, a locking device.

These cases can be found at memorabilia shows or on the internet.

Please do share your display pictures, and if you give permission, I will show it on this blog.

Please know that if decide you want to sell a Championship ring (especially if you want to sell Super Bowl rings or the conference championship rings) I buy championship rings.

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