October 2, 2014

This lucky fan is showing 4 of the 5 Super Bowl Championship Rings from the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco Super Bowl Championship Rings

Even though the first San Francisco 49er ring is missing from the picture, perhaps that’s a good thing: The first ring, from Super Bowl XVI, was smaller than the other four rings that came later on. It was made by Balfour and was a little under 40 grams.

Pictured in the above photo from left to right (and out of chronological order) are the following:

The ring on the left is upside down and is the most breath-taking San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl ring every made. It’s the 1994 Super Bowl XXIX ring, their last world championship ring. Made of 10K solid gold by Balfour, the championship ring weighs in at 52 grams. It is covered in diamonds, with 5 large marques diamonds to symbolize their five world championships.

The next ring is one of only three super bowl rings I need to finish my collection, it’s the 1988 Super Bowl XXIII ring. The ring is made of 10K solid gold and was made by Jostens. Like the ring to the left, it too has large marques diamonds to symbolize their world championships. In this case there are three, since this championship ring was presented after the team won their third Super Bowl.

The next ring (second from the right) is from 1984 when the Forty Niners beat Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX. The ring is made in solid 10K gold by Jostens and weighs 44 grams. It too has large marques diamonds inside the Lombardi trophies to celebrate in this instance, their second super bowl victory.

The final ring, shown on the far right, is a little hard to see. It’s the Forty Niner’s 1989, Super Bowl XXIV ring. It’s a large and beautiful championship ring, made of 10K solid yellow gold by Jostens. It’s the 49ers only “Back-to-Back” ring from their glory years and that exact wording adorns the side of the ring. Four large marquee diamonds are showcased on the ring, symbolizing their fourth world championship. In a departure from other 49er championship rings, the marquee diamonds are not part of Lombardi trophies. This large ring weighs in at 47 grams.

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