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Super Bowl XXV Championship Rings – A Great Ending to a Thrilling Game

September 23, 2014

Pictured below are the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV rings.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

New York Giants and Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV rings

In one of the most thrilling super bowl games ever witnessed, the New York Giants held on during the final play of the game to beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19. The Giants ring, shown on the left, was designed and manufactured by Balfour and contains two large marques diamonds, symbolizing the team’s second Super Bowl Championship. The ring is slightly larger than the Giants first ring (Super bowl XXI) and weighs in at 47 grams and 10k solid yellow gold.

The Buffalo Bills ring, shown on the right was designed and made by Jostens. The ring is a 10K solid gold ring and weighs 44 and a half grams.

Recently I spoke with a player from that team, who’s not 100% positive, but believes the 1990 championship ring did not come with a real diamond. The player believes the championship ring was presented to the team with an imitation diamond. Imitation diamonds (known as cubic zirconia’s), look like real diamonds but don’t have any value.

The player informed me that Jim Kelly, the Bills Pro Football hall of fame quarterback, had a local jeweler in Buffalo replace the large cz with a real center diamond and further upgraded the championship ring it by setting an additional 16 small diamonds on the top of the ring.

The way the ring was designed, it paid tribute to the team’s stadium and the 16 “X” shaped patters on the rings are the stands found in the stadium.

The upgrade was a visual improvement and many players followed Jim Kelly’s lead by having the same jeweler upgrade their rings too.

Super Bowl XXV is remembered for Bills place-kicker Scott Norwood’s last-second field goal attempt which sailed wide right of the uprights. The miss lead the Giants to victory, and started a four-game Super Bowl losing streak for the Buffalo Bills.

It was the last Super Bowl victory for Head Coach Bill Parcells who later on coached other teams and went on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Giants won with back up quarterback, Jeff Hostetler, who replaced injured Phil Simms late in the season.

The Giants set a Super Bowl record of ball possession – 40 minutes and 33 seconds. The Giants overcame a 12–3 second-quarter deficit, and made a 75-yard touchdown drive that consumed a Super Bowl-record 9:29 off the clock.

New York Giants running back Ottis Anderson, carried the ball 21 times for 102 yards and one touchdown, was named Super Bowl MVP. He was the first player to receive the newly named “Pete Rozelle Trophy” (named for the former commissioner).

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Derek Jeter Shows Us His World Series Rings

September 22, 2014

The most recent New York Magazine gives readers a very rare inside look at the very private world of Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter and his championship world series rings
Derek Jeter and his championship world series rings

It’s surprising article about Derek Jeter and shocking that he finally opened up and allowed photographs of his private life.

The above photographs were taken at his home in Tampa where he keeps some of his championship rings.

What amazing about this photo is that Jeter does not allow guests to even carry their cell phones into his palatial estate in Tampa. He has a no-nonsense policy that all cell phones and cameras get left at the inside entrance to his home. This is done to keep his private life completely off limits.

The policy must work; when was the last time you saw a tweet or photo on the internet of Jeter that embarrassed him or shed light on his private life?

What’s fascinating about the picture and the blow-up is that I count six rings, and I may be entirely wrong, but the rings pictured do not appear to be any of his Yankee World Series rings.

The ring with the visible “NY” may be a minor league championship ring, and the two rings shown on the left appear to have a hollow top when looking at the top of the inside ring.

Perhaps these are high school or minor league rings or all-star rings. It could be possible that his real Yankee championship rings are kept in a vault.

Like so much of Derek Jeter, we may never know.

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Toronto Argos legend Pinball Clemons has Grey Cup ring stolen by a fan

September 21, 2014

A Canadian Football League fan who posed for a photo with Michael “Pinball” Clemons asked to see one of his five Grey Cup championship rings. When he gave it to her, she ran off with it.

CFL Grey Cup Championship ring missing

The Argonauts may have won their game last night, but their former star player and coach lost something important — one of his cherished Grey Cup rings.

During the game last evening at BC Place, Clemons, who is the vice-chair for the Argos team, tossed his ring as he had done before, into the crowd for fans to look at and take pictures with, TSN radio’s Mike Hogan tweeted this morning. According to Hogan, a female fan then left the building with the ring still on her.

An active search for the ring is now underway on Twitter with both Lions, Argos and CFL fans alike coming together in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the ring.

The Argonauts’ official twitter account is seeking help on social media, requesting fans retweet messages about the missing ring and contact the Vancouver police if they have any information.

During last night’s game, Pinball, was watching the game from the sidelines — and even took a shift on water duty, handing out bottles to resting Argos players. According to several tweets, Pinball often interacts with fans at CFL games, which includes lending his championship ring for photo-ops. The apparent theft has left many CFL fans angry and disappointed.

Clemons joined the Argos as a player in 1989 and was honored as the league’s most outstanding player in 1990. He retired after 12 seasons and twice became coach of the team.

Clemons won Grey Cup rings as a player in 1991, 1996, and 1997. He also earned a Grey Cup ring as a coach in 2004 and as vice-chairman in 2012. It’s not certain which of those rings was the one stolen.

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Corey Webster Has a Custom Super Bowl Presentation Box to House His Rings

September 20, 2014

No that’s not Corey’s hands, but the photos show a really cool custom Super Bowl ring presentation box made by Tiffany and Company.

New York Giants super bowl championship rings and presentation box

A photo was posted on Twitter this week where a friend of Corey Webster’s posted a photo of his custom-made, two super bowl ring display box.

While Tiffany and Company makes some amazing championship rings (not to mention the NFL Lombardi trophy too), their wood presentation boxes lack the size, style and wow factor offered by other ring companies (please visit my gallery pages to see many presentation boxes).

The original ring boxes presented with the Giants Super Bowl XLII and XLVI rings were either made or acquired by Tiffany and were approximately 4 – 5 inches by 4 – 5 inches. The Super Bowl XLII ring box had a solid top so the super bowl ring could not be housed in the presentation box and displayed at the same time. The XLVI super bowl ring (both of these rings were made by Tiffany) corrected that issue and had a see-through glass top.

It appears that the ring box in the photograph was either made by or acquired by Tiffany. I was able to conclude this because the inside of the presentation box is made of the same materials and style that all of Tiffany’s standard presentation boxes have. The leather (or imitation leather) is a very different offering then either Balfour or Jostens offers.

A little known fact is that ring companies rarely make the boxes in-house. Typically they are purchased from other companies. Jostens at one time did own (and still may own) a subsidiary that built ring boxes, however, their latest ring presentation boxes are made by an outside company.

Corey Webster was drafter by the Giants and was a cornerback. He is now retired.

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Miami Dolphins Web Site Has New Feature on Super Bowl Rings

September 19, 2014

Harvey Greene, The Dolphins V.P. of Historical Affairs, recently produced an article and video of the Dolphins Championship rings.

Miami Dolphin Super Bowl Rings and Championship Rings

Here’s an excerpt from the article and a link at the bottom of the blog to the website and video.

Displayed in the Gallery of Legends are replicas of the five championship rings that were presented to members of the Dolphins organization following each of their Super Bowl appearances.

Almost all Miami Dolphins fans know that players and coaches on the 1972 and 1973 Super Bowl winning teams earned championship rings. And they were beauties. The 1972 17-0 “Perfect Season” ring shows 17 diamonds, one for each of the team’s victories that season, with the largest diamond in the middle symbolizing the Super Bowl win over the Washington Redskins. The top of the ring contains raised lettering that proclaims the Miami Dolphins as World Champions. On one side of the ring is the recipient’s name and the team logo, with the words “Winning Edge,”. Winning Edge was Head Coach Don Shula’s manta that separates champions from everyone else. The other side has the words “Perfect Season” engraved on it, along with the Lombardi Trophy and “14-7,” the score of Super Bowl VII. This is the ring you always see Coach Shula, as well as most members of those great Dolphins team, wearing at public events.

The 1973 ring is no less impressive. Commemorating the team’s Super Bowl VIII win over the Minnesota Vikings, the ring contains two large diamonds that symbolize the back-to-back super bowl victories. Like the year before, it also contains raised lettering surrounding the top and proclaims the Miami Dolphins as World Champions once again. Also similar to the 1972 rings, one side has each recipient’s name engraved on it along with the team’s logo. The other side has the words “Back to Back” above the Lombardi Trophy, to celebrate the team’s consecutive Super Bowl wins. Most Dolphins of that era prefer to wear the ’72 ring rather than this one; however the few players on the ‘73 team who were not with the Dolphins a year earlier, such as Don Nottingham, wear this ring with pride. One very cool feature of the 1973 ring is that each player’s autograph is reproduced on the inside band.

But many people don’t realize that the players on the other three Dolphins Super Bowl teams also got rings, even though they lost those games. They are technically called AFC Championship rings, honoring the team’s victories in the AFC Championship Game over the Colts in 1971, the Jets in 1982, and the Steelers in 1984. From a distance they look similar to Super Bowl rings, but the recipients sometimes don’t feel that way. Dan Marino, for example, never wears his ’84 ring, calling it “a loser’s ring” since he lost the Super Bowl that season. Unfortunately, Dan never made it back to the Super Bowl, preventing him from getting another shot at earning a “real” ring.

Here’s the link:

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