September 9, 2014

Once the NFL Leader in Super Bowl victories and championship rings, the last 49ers Super Bowl championship was from the 1994 season.

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After the San Francisco Forty Niners won Super Bowl XXIX they were undisputedly the best team in football, and the most successful NFL franchise since the start of the super bowl era.

Their 49-26 trouncing of the San Diego Chargers was the 49ers fifth Super Bowl championship in 14 seasons. They became the first NFL team to win five super bowls and their Super Bowl XXIX ring was an amazing piece, showing five Lombardi trophies on top of the ring (see our super bowl gallery for pictures of this ring).

If that wasn’t enough, they were one of the few teams to remain undefeated in Super Bowl games too, with a perfect 5 – 0 record.

The following season the Dallas Cowboys caught up, by winning their fifth Super Bowl championship (and their third in four seasons).

During the 20 year dry spell for the Forty Niners, the Pittsburgh Steelers tied them with their fifth Super Bowl victory in 2005 and surpassed the 49ers and Cowboys in 2008 with their league-leading sixth Super Bowl championship.

The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants are not far behind, having both earned their fourth Super Bowl championships during the 49ers drought.

The Forty Niners came close to ending their dry-spell in 2012, losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

Good luck to the Forty Niners, perhaps they can get back on top soon!

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