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Championship Ring Photo Bombs!

September 30, 2014

Part of my ongoing look at Super Bowl and Championship Ring Humor is this recent twitter photograph and post.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Ring Photo Bomb

Elisa is asking on twitter how the ring looks?

We see that the photographer didn’t say anything to her about the super bowl ring pose showing the championship ring being worn upside down.

I wonder if her followers will point out the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl ring would look a whole lot better if it wasn’t upside down!

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Dan Reeves Sure Has A Lot Of Championship Rings

September 29, 2014

Dan has been awarded a total of Nine Championship Rings. Two of them were Super Bowl Championship rings. Here they are in all their glory:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Dan Reeves Championship Rings

Dan Reeves played eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, and collected 1,990 rushing yards, 1,693 receiving yards and 42 scored touchdowns. Reeves threw a touchdown pass in the Cowboys’ losing effort in the historic Ice Bowl Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs every year of Reeves’ playing days, reaching the Super Bowl twice.

In Super Bowl V with the Cowboys and Colts tied at 13 in the last 2 minutes, Dan Reeves let a pass go through his hands and it was intercepted, setting up the Colts in Dallas territory. The Colts would win the game on a 32-yard field goal from Jim O’Brien with 5 seconds left.

In his final game as a player, Reeves and the Cowboys had a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.

Reeves holds the record of most Super Bowl appearances as a player and or coach with 9.

Here’s a little about each ring:

From the lower left: The first ring is the NFC championship ring from 1970. The ring is around 36 grams and made of 10K solid white gold. The ring was made by Balfour.

The next rings is the 1975 NFC championship ring. The Cowboys went on to lose to the Steelers in Super Bowl X (Reeves was a coach on the team). The ring is also made by Balfour in 10K white solid gold and weighs in at 34 grams.

The third ring (middle, bottom) is the only Super Bowl ring Reeves won as a player. The Super Bowl VI ring was made by balfour in 14K white gold. The ring is 36 grams.

The next ring, (bottom, second from right) was won by Reeves as a coach. The Cowboys Super Bowl XII ring when in was designed and manufactured in early 1978, had the most bling of any championship ring made up to that time. The ring was made by Jostens in 10K white gold and was 43 grams in weight.

The ring on the lower right is his last Cowboys ring, earned as a coach, it’s the 1978 NFC championship ring. Perhaps the least attractive AFC/NFC championship ring every made, it was designed and manufactured by Jostens, in 10K yellow gold and weighed in at 35 ounces.

The three rings shown on the top, from left to right were from Reeves head coaching years with the Denver Broncos. They are the 1986, 1987, and 1989 AFC Championship Rings (earned when a team loses in the Super Bowl). Each of the three Bronco rings were made by Jostens in 10K solid yellow gold and were in the weight range of 40-44 grams each.

The final ring, shown on the upper right was from Reeves final super bowl appearance, as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. This beautiful NFC championship ring was from 1998. The ring was made by Jostens in 10K solid yellow gold as is 45 grams in weight.

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Father and Son, have all five Nebraska Cornhuskers Football National Championship rings

September 27, 2014

Bill and Jesse Koch both played on all five of Nebraska’s national champion teams from the 1970s and the 1990s.

all five Nebraska rings

all five Nebraska rings

The son, Jesse Kosch, owns and runs a Nebraska merchandise shop, Big Red of the Rockies. Among the t-shirts and ball caps are a few unique pieces, signed photos of Jesse, his dad Bill, and a display of all five of the Nebraska Football national championship rings.

The father, Bill Kosch, was Nebraska’s starting defensive back in 1970 and 1971. Jesse, was the team’s punter in 1994, 1995 and 1997.

“I think somebody, when I was out at the store in Colorado, was like, are you the only father-son to have all the championship rings?” said Jesse Kosch. “And I was like, well, maybe!”

Bill Kosch’s Huskers were part of the Devaney Era, claiming Nebraska’s first national title and playing in the Game of the Century.

Bill Kosch’s favorite moment as a Husker came before the title, playing USC in 1970. “Playing under the lights in Los Angeles,” said Bill Kosch. “[I] picked off Jimmy Jones in the end zone, wasn’t exactly sure where I was, brought it out to the 25-yard line.”

Nebraska tied USC, then ranked third in the nation, and later that season went on to win the national title.

Bill Kosch says his favorite national championship was one of his son’s, the 1994 game against Miami.

“It’s just so dramatic. So rewarding. It’s so relieving, so tense,” said Kosch. “We just shut ‘em up. And it was just terrific.”

Jesse Kosch was recently honored for that game, and traveled back to Lincoln to be part of the Tunnel Walk Tribute to the 1994 Nebraska team.

Kosch’s favorite moment was during his senior season in his final game, the 1997 national championship against Tennessee (Payton Manning was the quarterback for Tennessee).

“I was like, ‘oh boy’, standing with your back to the end zone with 20-thousand orange people yelling at you,” said Jesse Kosch. “I had one of my best punts of my career right there.”

Bill Kosch was inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame in 1997. Jesse Kosch is still owns several punting records lists at Nebraska.

Surprisingly, some of Bill Kosch’s teammates also had sons on the 90’s championship teams, however, research has shown that no family has all five championship rings except for the Kosch’s.

“You think, wow,” said Jesse Kosch. “We were part of something that so far has never been duplicated.”

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Tom Brady and Eli Manning’s 5 Super Bowl Championship Rings

September 26, 2014

The only other active quarterback that has at least two winning Super Bowl rings is Ben Roethlisberger.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning and their 5 super bowl championship Rings

Here’s a picture of Tom Brady and Eli Mannings 5 spectacular Super Bowl Championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Tom Brady and Eli Manning's Super Bowl championship rings

Brady’s were all made by Jostens and his last two winning rings are huge! Manning’s two were made by Tiffany and Company”

The ring on the left is from the Patriot’s first Super Bowl Victory – Super Bowl XXXVI. This ring sets the reoccurring theme on all the following rings. All three of Brady’s rings are made of solid white gold, covered with gorgeous white diamonds, and their colorful logo prominently displayed. This ring was considered quite large when it was made, possibly the largest super bowl ring ever made at that time.

The super bowl XXXVI ring is loaded with 144 diamonds and 2.63 carats. The 14K white gold ring weighed in at 72 grams. The wood presentation box was a magnificent ring holder with the super bowl XXXVI logo on top. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The next ring shown, unquestionably was the largest super bowl ring every produced at the time it was awarded. This super bowl XXXVIII hit the 100 gram mark. It has 104 diamonds and two huge marquise diamonds, symbolizing the team’s second World Championship. The 14 carat white gold ring contained 5.05 carats of white diamonds and baguettes.

The wood presentation box is even larger than the Super Bowl XXXVI box. It contained two Lombardi trophies on the top and a football shaped window to allow the ring to be seen when the box was closed. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The ring in the middle is the Patriots crowning achievement and the most stunning super bowl ring I have ever seen. This super bowl XXXIX ring is also made of 14K solid white gold and contains 111 diamonds. There are three Lombardi trophies to symbolize the team’s third world championship in four seasons. The ring is larger than the Super Bowl XXXVIII ring and is the largest ring ever produced (only the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII comes close.

A player once told me that this ring was too large and too heavy to wear everyday and he was a 300 pound, huge defensive lineman! Keep in mind that the Packers super bowl XLV ring is heavier, but not larger. This is because that ring is made of Platinum which is more costly and heavier than 14K gold.

The fourth ring from the left is the Giants Super Bowl XLII ring. The heavily favored, undefeated New England Patriots were upset by the Giants 17-14 in a thrilling game. In the picture above it looks like Brady has gotten over this huge loss.

The Giants chose Tiffany and Company to make this ring. It’s a large ring, weighing in at 72 grams and is made of solid 14K white gold. The ring contains three marquise diamonds inside of three Lombardi trophies to celebrate the teams third Super Bowl Championship. In a tribute to their sensational string of road victories that season, the team placed the phrase “Eleven Straight on The Road” on the side of the ring.

The last ring shown on the right is the Eli’s most current ring – the Giants fourth and final championship ring. The Super Bowl XLVI ring weighs in at a whopping 92 grams and is also produced by Tiffany & Company. The numerous blue rubies and blue stone on top is a visual improvement over Eli’s first Tiffany Super Bowl ring. The ring is made of 14K white solid gold.

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Drew Pearson Shows Off His Ring and Gets Close To a Ref

September 25, 2014

Drew Pearson poses with a waitress and let’s her wear his Super Bowl XII Ring.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII ring

Drew Pearson is an 11 year NFL veteran of the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s from New Jersey and began his football career at South River High School where he succeeded Joe Theismann as the team quarterback (yes that Joe Theismann).

In College at University of Tulsa he started a few games as a quarterback but was quickly switched to wide receiver.

Signed by the Cowboys after going undrafted in 1973, he became one of the NFL’s greatest wide receivers. Pearson was named one of the top-20 Pro Football All-Time wide receivers and was also named to the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team.

He appeared in three super bowl games and his one victory was in Super Bowl XII. He scored a touchdown in Super Bowl X (a losing effort against the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Pearson is the proud owner of three championship rings – his 1975 and and 1978 NFC Championship rings and his 1977 Super Bowl Champions XII ring.

In 2011 Pearson made the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Since retiring in 1983 he has kept busy as a sports broadcaster and CEO of Drew Pearson Companies, a manufacturer of licensed headwear.

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