August 29, 2014

Championship ring admiration is not just for hard-core fans and spots memorabilia collectors: The general public is mesmerized by them too:

championship rings and super bowl rings

Not including the players, coaches, and team staff, I used to believe only hard-core fans and sports collectors were the only ones that really cared about championship rings.

Boy was I wrong.

As I search the internet for content for this blog, I find myself amazed how everyday people love championship rings. It is so evident on Twitter.

If you search Twitter hashtags such as “championship ring”, “super bowl rings” and some others, you will see so many instances where fans take pictures with temporarily borrowed championship rings.

They are so excited to be wearing such a rare and amazing piece of hardware that they tweet the pictures to show the world their thirty-second encounters with a real-in person championship ring!

While most of the pictures are not that interesting and unique after seeing dozens of them each week, three caught my attention recently.

The Seahawks are holding a pretty cool contest. Participants are encouraged to Photoshop the Seahawks championship ring into a picture and submit the photo. Many of the photoshopped photos, such as the adorable picture on the left, are tweeted on the internet. The best photos will win a third-tier level championship ring from the Seahawks.

Many of the photos show people going gaga over championship rings, especially Super Bowl rings as evidenced in the middle photo.

And as the last photo on the right shows, Championship Ring hats continue to be a sought after and photographed item.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings