July 30, 2014

Yes, you read that correctly, “Sweetness” had two Super Bowl XX rings and here’s the story…

Walter Payton Superbowl XX Bears Championship Ring

The 1985 Chicago Bears demolished the New England Patriots in Superbowl XX 46-10.

For that accomplishment, Walter Payton received a Super Bowl XX ring with 41 diamonds, made by Jostens.

About ten years after the Super Bowl win, Walter Payton lost his ring. He was showing it to friends sitting on a couch and somehow the ring was lost.

Payton later-on, purchased a second super bowl ring from Jostens to replace the lost ring.

In February 1999, Payton, just 45 years old, died from complications of a rare autoimmune liver disease.

The couch was sold off and in 2001 a student at Purdue named Phil Hong found the original super bowl ring in that old couch once belonging to Payton. Hong returned the ring to Payton’s widow.

Walter Payton was a 9 time pro bowl player, and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. He is in the College Football Hall of Fame, and was named to both the 19070s and 1980s NFL All-Decade Teams. He is also on the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time team, having rushed for 16,726 yards during is amazing NFL career.

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