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Richard Sherman Tweets Picture of his Super Bowl Ring as the Cornerback War Continues

July 31, 2014

Only a few hours after Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson signed a five-year, $70 million deal with $40 million of it guaranteed, the Twitter wars heated up.

Richard Sherman Super Bowl XLVIII championship ring

The contract made Peterson the highest paid Cornerback in the National Football League.

Richard Sherman, the notorious and often outspoken Seattle Seahawks corner, felt the need to engage in a little one-upmanship. So he tweeted a photograph of him wearing is Super Bowl XLVIII ring.

As is the case with most of Richard Sherman’s Twitter tiffs, (and the same can be said for his fellow cornerbacks around the league) is the issue whether Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL.

Perhaps Sherman he feels slighted or maybe he is annoyed by Peterson’s deal, worth more than the five-year, $58.8 million contract Sherman signed this off-season.

I have the feeling we will see more Tweets and this story is far from over. This may be the best entertainment us football fans have until the start of the season.

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Walter Payton and His Two Chicago Bears Super Bowl Rings

July 30, 2014

Yes, you read that correctly, “Sweetness” had two Super Bowl XX rings and here’s the story…

Walter Payton Superbowl XX Bears Championship Ring

The 1985 Chicago Bears demolished the New England Patriots in Superbowl XX 46-10.

For that accomplishment, Walter Payton received a Super Bowl XX ring with 41 diamonds, made by Jostens.

About ten years after the Super Bowl win, Walter Payton lost his ring. He was showing it to friends sitting on a couch and somehow the ring was lost.

Payton later-on, purchased a second super bowl ring from Jostens to replace the lost ring.

In February 1999, Payton, just 45 years old, died from complications of a rare autoimmune liver disease.

The couch was sold off and in 2001 a student at Purdue named Phil Hong found the original super bowl ring in that old couch once belonging to Payton. Hong returned the ring to Payton’s widow.

Walter Payton was a 9 time pro bowl player, and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. He is in the College Football Hall of Fame, and was named to both the 19070s and 1980s NFL All-Decade Teams. He is also on the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time team, having rushed for 16,726 yards during is amazing NFL career.

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Final Four Championship Rings is a Trend We Can Do Without

July 29, 2014

Wisconsin received their final four rings this week for participating in the 2014 NCAA College Basketball Championship.

2014 NCAA Final Four Wisconsin Championship Ring

Will Colleges be handing out elite eight or sweet 16 rings soon?

Here’s the main reason we are seeing more and more college championship rings made that are not true National Champions rings: Colleges are under pressure more than ever to recruit high school star players to their programs.

When coaches visit with potential recruits they like to show a lot of championship ring bling.

College sports rings cost so little to produce since they are no longer made of solid gold and were never made with real diamonds. The lack of gold and diamonds is because of strict NCAA guidelines.

I’m wondering when we will see the emergence of elite eight or sweet 16 championship rings? Heck, why even stop there, how about every team participating in all NCAA tournaments receive championship rings?

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Say What? A Yankee fan finds and returns a Red Sox World Series Ring

July 28, 2014

This lost Red Sox World Series ring is back on the finger of its owner, thanks to an honest New York Yankees fan.

Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship Ring

Manhattan restaurant owner Luigi Militello found the beautiful 2013 World Series championship ring on the sink at his Luke’s Bar and Grill on Thursday evening.

It was the real thing, with diamonds and sapphires and rubies, set in 14-carat white gold, with the Red Sox emblem, a Boston Strong logo and an image of the team’s bearded ballplayers.

“I was like, geez, it’s big. Who would leave this here?” Militello told The Associated Press. “I’m a big Yankee fan. What are the chances of this happening?”

Drew Weber had dined at the restaurant earlier, it’s one of his favorite spots. He’s a New York businessman and also owns the Lowell Spinners, a thriving Red Sox Class A minor league team in Massachusetts.

Big league teams often reward executives throughout their organization with World Series rings. The Red Sox haven’t put a value on these pieces of jewelry — the rings they presented for winning the 2004 crown were worth about $30,000.

Weber said this was the first time he’d worn the ring outside.

“I went looking around my apartment and started having palpitations. Sweat was pouring off my forehead,” he told the AP. “I’m looking at my finger and it’s not there.”

Hoping against hope, Weber called Luke’s after midnight. Militello answered the phone and said, yep, he had the ring.

“But this being Yankees-Red Sox, I started razzing him. I told him he wasn’t getting it so easily. I was playing with him, a lot,” Militello said.

Said Weber: “I was like, ‘Who am I dealing with?’”

They quickly put aside their rooting interests, met the next day at the restaurant, returned the ring and spent 25 minutes talking baseball.

Militello was insistent that he wouldn’t accept any money. He tried to persuade Weber to call into a local sports radio show and disparage the Red Sox, but that didn’t work.

Instead, Weber and the Red Sox have invited Militello to make his first trip to Fenway Park for the regular-season finale on Sept. 28. That’s also scheduled to be the final game for retiring Yankees star Derek Jeter.

“Going for his send-off, that’s pretty great,” Militello said.

“He asked if he could wear his Yankees paraphernalia,” Weber said. “I couldn’t answer him.”

Weber also is making a contribution to a charity Militello chose that helps relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy damage on Fire Island.

Militello is enjoying the benefits from his find — he posted a picture of himself wearing the ring and enjoyed telling his story, to friends and to Scott Mandel, who runs the website that covers sports in New York and beyond.

Weber also liked how things turned out. He met a new pal, and now feels a little wiser, too.

“The ring and Drew Weber have learned their lesson,” he said. “That ring is going on no more road trips.”

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Jim Brown’s 1964 NFL Championship Ring Pulled From Auction

July 26, 2014

Legendary Browns running back, Jim Brown’s 1964 Championship ring has been PULLED OFF THE AUCTION BLOCK amid allegations the ring was stolen from him in the 1960′s.

Jim Brown 1964 Championship Ring

Earlier in the week, Jim Brown sued Lelands Collectibles in the hopes of getting his 1964 NFL Championship ring back. Brown does NOT accuse the auction house of having anything to do with the original alleged theft.

Lelands claims the ring was obtained legally after Brown gifted the item to a family member decades ago.

The auction house was expecting to rake in more than $250,000 from the ring, but now, after Brown filed the lawsuit, they have pulled the item from their auction.

Sources have revealed that Lelands was not ordered to stop the auction but felt the move was in their best interest.

Lelands has previously said they’re open to working out a deal with Brown outside the courtroom — though it’s unclear if the two sides are currently in talks.

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