June 24, 2014

The picture below of 4 super bowl rings is pretty revealing; it shows a disturbing trend in championship ring design and production.

Super Bowl Rings

The four rings above are the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII ring, the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring, the New York Giants XLVI ring, and the San Francisco Forty Niners Super Bowl XXIX Championship Ring.

The Forty Niners ring shown above is an old-style ring you never see anymore: It features yellow gold, and something almost as rare – color enamel paint on top of the gold (shown on the side of the ring, all the way on the right). Gold enamel adds color to championship rings (something most of today’s white gold and diamond-studded championship rings lack.

Although the ring is just about 20 years old, not only does it stand up well to today’s gigantic, 150-250 diamond studded trophies (err, I mean rings), in my opinion, it’s actually much more beautiful.

The picture of the 49ers championship ring reveals that the five marquise diamonds are huge – bigger than the diamonds of the other three rings shown. The ring also contains rectangular baguette diamonds located below each marquise diamond. This helps display the trophy-like shape of their five championships and also helps to break out the never-ending and repetitious tiny-diamond patterns found in the other three rings shown above.

The three other rings do try to sprinkle in a little color – The Seahawks and Giants rings, both made by Tiffany, contain a row of blue sapphire stones, and the Ravens have their mostly-purple logo on their ring. If it wasn’t for these feeble attempts of color, the three rings would lack almost any color at all.

Another silly super bowl ring trend is forcing the team logo onto the top of the ring. The forty Niner ring proves this is not necessary to make a brilliant, mesmerizing championship ring.

While the Seahawks and Giants rings were made by Tiffany, The Ravens ring was made by Jostens. Jostens has made the most super bowl rings by far. The Forty Niners ring was made by Balfour, and it’s the last time the ring manufacturer made a super bowl ring.

Perhaps it’s time to give Balfour another chance, or to reevaluate the direction these championship rings are heading.

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