June 18, 2014

Here’s a photograph of every single Super Bowl and NFC championship ring the Dallas Cowboys have ever won:

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Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl and NFC Championship rings

The Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers are currently tied with the most super bowl appearances (eight). The Steelers edge out the Cowboys with 6 victories compared to 5 for Dallas.

Here’s some tidbits on each of the rings shown above:

The top left ring shows the team’s first Championship ring. This is from the 1970 season. After winning the NFC championship game, the Cowboys lost a squeaker in the final seconds to the Baltimore Colts, 16-13 in Super Bowl V. The 10K white gold ring with one large center diamond and smaller diamonds found in the rest of the logo was made by Balfour.

The next ring shown is from the 1975 season. This ring too is made of 10K white gold and by Balfour. In a similar configuration, the ring contains one large diamond and smaller diamonds making the Cowboy logo.

The third ring on top is from the 1978 season. This is a controversial ring, most fans either love it or hate it, and sadly, me included, don’t like it. A marketing executive for the team told me that it was supposed to be a cocktail ring and many were made for players pinky’s as the team with all their success in the 1970′s were running out of fingers. He also shared with me that the top of the ring is the likeness of a bluebonnet flower, which is the official state flower of Texas. The ring was made by Jostens.

The bottom row of rings are the five Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl winning rings. This may be the first time a photo of all five, all lined up is available on the internet.

The first ring is from their first world championship, from Super Bowl VI. The ring was made in 14 carat solid gold, by Balfour. In keeping with their championship ring theme, the ring has one large center diamond and smaller diamonds located on the top.

The next ring is from their second world championship ring, Super Bowl XII. This ring was made by Jostens and is 10K white gold. The ring represented a shift in championship ring design. It is the first ring that has a top that is just about completely covered in diamonds. This looks to be the start of the championship ring bling that has become so prominent in ring design. The top of the ring contains two larger diamonds, symbolizing the team’s two Super Bowl Championships.

The next ring is the first ring from the Jerry Jones era. The Super Bowl XXVII 10K gold ring was made by Balfour and contained a highly unusual center diamond in the shape of a star. What I find fascinating about this ring is that it breaks tradition and does not pay homage or recognize any of the previous Cowboys World Championships. Was this an oversight, or perhaps a display of Jerry Jones and his well-known huge ego?

It seems the following year, Jerry Jones had a growth spurt as the Super Bowl XXVIII ring is much larger and packed with much bigger diamonds then it’s predecessor. This ring was made by Balfour in 10k yellow gold. Four large diamonds are located on the top of the ring in the center – symbolizing the team’s four world championships. The ring and presentation box (please view this website’s super bowl ring gallery for additional pictures) celebrate the fact that this was a “Back-to-Back Super Bowl championship”.

The last cowboys ring, from Super Bowl XXX is a huge ring, made by Diamond Masters. It contains five large marquise diamonds that make up the Cowboys star. The five diamonds represent the five Super Bowl championships the team has won. What’s notable about this ring is that the sides engravings, such as the player’s name, NFL logo, “World Champions” and the years of the previous championships are engraved in a shoddy manner. The quality of the design and castings are far below that of Balfour and Jostens.

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