June 8, 2014

Pictured below are the four Super Bowl Rings Ronnie Lott won as a player for the San Francisco 49ers:

Ronnie Lott's Super Bowl Rings

To call Ronnie Lott one of the best players of all time may be an understatement. Ronnie was rated the #11 NFL player of all time by the NFL.com.

He is a four time superbowl champion, having played on the Forty Niner teams that won super bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Lott is a ten time Pro Bowl player and an 8 time AP First Team All-Pro.

Ronnie was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2000 class.

While Ronnie was gracious enough to show the world his beautiful and stunning championship rings, he did not put them in proper chronological order. Pictured above from left to right is his 2nd, fourth, first and third rings. Here’s some information on each ring.

The ring on the left is his Super Bowl XIX ring. The ring was made by Jostens and has two large marquise diamonds, symbolizing the two super bowl trophies the team won at that time. The ring is made of 10K solid gold.

The next ring, moving right, is his fourth and final ring, a superbowl XXIV ring. This was the largest ring Ronnie was awarded, and contained four large marquise diamonds, signifying the four super bowl championships the Forty Niners had won at that time. A nice touch to this ring is that on one side of the ring is recognition that the team won back to back superbowls, and shows the years “1988-1989″.

The third ring is Lott’s first super bowl ring. The Super Bowl XVI ring was made by Balfour in 10K solid gold. The ring pays homage to the city of San Francisco by having one side of the ring show the Golden Gate Bridge in the background with a football in for the foreground.

The fourth and final ring shown, on the right, is the Super Bowl XXIII ring. This ring was made by Jostens and with their third championship of the decade, boasts on one side of the ring that they were the “Team of the 80′s”. This ring contains three large marques diamonds in the Lombardi trophy, celebrating the team’s third Super Bowl title.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lott, his superbowl XXIII ring appears damaged. The large left marques stone is chipped and broken on top. You can clearly see it’s odd shape on the top of the ring. Jostens has a lifetime warranty for athletic rings, so Ronnie should send the ring back and have Jostens repair the ring.

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