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NBA Tweets Photos of How Every Playoff Team’s Championship Rings Would Look

April 20, 2014

The NBA’s official Twitter account sent out pictures of what a championship ring from all 16 teams would look like, and they all look pretty amazing.

nba championship rings

While there’s no guarantee that the championship winning team will use one of the designs shown, it gives fans of their respective teams a chance to dream.

Here’s a link to see them all:

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FSU fan Payton Poulin gets his championship ring

April 16, 2014

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher always told Payton Poulin he was a member of the FSU family. Now Fisher and the team proved it.

FSU Florida State University National Championship Ring

That sentiment was reiterated Wednesday when the coach handed him a shiny BCS National Championship ring after an FSU practice.

“It’s beautiful, man. Has my last name on it, just like the players,” Poulin told the Democrat Tuesday.

The Florida State freshman from St. Cloud blurred the line between fan and teammate during last year’s national championship run. Poulin has a rare physical condition called schizencephaly, similar to cerebral palsy, that requires him to use a wheelchair, but it never stopped him from rooting for the ’Noles.

The lifelong fan was at nearly every practice last year often joking on the sideline with players like standout receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Kenny Shaw.

“He is a great member and a great inspiration to our players,” Fisher said. “He never misses a practice or a workout. He is a very devoted to our players and is a truly great Seminole.”

Fisher put up for national championship game tickets for Poulin and his parents and a few other fans provided the family with an expense-free trip to Pasadena.

Poulin said he was previously fitted for the ring so it came as no surprise, but he didn’t know it was going to be presented by Fisher.

“This organization is the best not just in terms of wins but in terms of having a great deal of selfless and giving hearts,” Poulin said.

He’s now looking forward to next season, but says this new team has a different identity than last year’s.

“I believe we can do it again but we need the same fire we had in our stomachs,” he said. “Just like coach says: don’t be complacent.”

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Draft Day and Super Bowl Rings

April 14, 2014

Draft Day is a great movie! And, there’s a connection in the movie to Super Bowl Rings.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX championship ring

I saw the movie Draft Day over the weekend. This movie is fantastic! There was more “story” in it than I thought there would be, and the story-line really engulfed me.

I’m not giving away anything from the movie so I promise I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to see it.

Two comments about super bowl rings from the movie.

1) The fictitious Browns coach who was the former super bowl winning coach of the Cowboys proudly wore his Cowboys super bowl ring throughout the movie. Although there was no close up, it looked very similar (from afar) of the Cowboys Super Bowl XXX ring.

2) Great quote from the movie – I’m paraphrasing as I could not find the quote on the internet: “If football is the ultimate men’s game then why do they give the champions jewelry?”

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St. Louis Cardinals Receive Their 2013 National League Championship Rings.

April 11, 2014

Although they lost to the Boston Red Sox in the 2013 World Series, tradition dictates the runner up team receives a league championship ring.

St. Louis Cardinals 2013 National League Championship Ring

In a fitting tribute, the Cardinals honored and remembered Stan Musial, their hall of fame player and icon who passed away in 2013.

Each of the St. Louis Cardinals 2013 National League Championship Rings are handcrafted in 14-karat white gold and weighs approximately 47 grams. The rings, made by Jostens, include red-colored stones in the shape of the St. Louis logo, which are surrounded by a plethora of diamonds. The rings feature 43 round VVS diamonds and 34-custom-cut rubies. On one side of the ring, it’s noted that the Cardinals have won an NL-record 19 pennants. The franchise also has won an NL-best 11 World Series titles, most recently in 2006 and 2011.

Manager Mike Matheny said his fingers are not suited for wearing rings after a long career behind the plate, but that he probably would make an exception this time around.

“I’m going to be wearing this one,” he said. “My fingers have been busted up pretty bad, so they don’t hold rings very well. But I’m going to make sure that this one stays on me.”

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Florida State players show off their massive championship rings

April 10, 2014

The Florida State Seminoles football team received their national championship rings this week, and they are huge.

FSU Florida State 2013 National Champions Ring

Three months after capping off an undefeated season with a BCS National Championship Game victory over Auburn, the Florida State Seminoles finally received their championship rings.

There are three of them: one from the BCS, one designed by coach Jimbo Fisher , and a third for winning the ACC championship.

Backup quarterback Sean Maguire posted all three rings on Instagram and All-American kicker Roberto Aguayo tweeted a close-up shot of the ring designed by Fisher.

Florida State posted a video on their website of Fisher’s speech to the team after giving out the rings.

“What I want you to do when you put it on – I want you to think about the teamwork you had, the camaraderie you had, the family atmosphere you had and the sacrifices you made to get it,” Fisher said. “You can’t ever lose the desire, drive and habits that got you that ring.”

Florida State originally teased the designs in March, but they are even more impressive when you see the real things up close.

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