November 7, 2013

Boston’s Boys of Summer will be getting a brand new 2013 World Series rings to commemorate their worst-to-first triumph. If you have bling envy, you can get yourself to the LBC Pawn Shop in Somerville’s Davis Square MA. Because for a mere $25,000 you can buy a genuine, only slightly used, 2007 Red Sox World Series ring!

Boston Red Sox 2007 ring

“People come in and joke all the time, asking us if it’s Curt Schilling’s,” said LBC manager Danny Berhe. “It’s attracting a lot of attention. Everyone stops in to see it.”

Even though, as it turns out, the ring did not actually belong to the fiscally hammered former Series hero. It was actually the property of a Sox staffer who worked for the team in both 2004, when they won their first Series in 86 years, and 2007, when they repeated.

“They had two and just decided to sell the 2007 version” Berhe said.

The ring, which is much smaller than the bling doled out to players, is gold with real rubies and diamonds. It’s 26.2 pennyweights, versus the players’, which are about 55, Berhe said.

“It’s really beautiful,” he said. “People’s eyes really light up when they see it.”

The folks at the pawn shop will need to be patient as the ring is not priced realistically. Perhaps after time they will bring the price in line with what other “B” versions have sold for.

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