With Their Victory Over The Cubs, The Dodgers Will Receive New Championship Rings

October 20, 2017

It’s been a very long time since the Dodgers were awarded a championship ring; and a lot has changed since their last ones were issued:

Dodgers 2017 championship rings

I was thinking early this morning, could it possibly bee almost 30 years (29 to be exact) since the Dodgers were last seen in the World Series?

And while we’re feeling nostalgic, imagine if the Yankees make it too? These two historic franchises had some great battles in the World Series, having met a mind-boggling 11 times, including two contests in the late 70s and their last one in the early 80s.

Pictured above, top left, is the Dodgers last World Series ring, from 1988. On the right is the Dodgers last National League Pennant championship ring, from 1978 (awarded when a team loses the World Series).

Keep in mind the two championship rings are not shown to scale, as I merged two photographs together to make the single picture seen above.

The last few Dodger championship rings were designed and manufactured by Balfour and company and back in the 50′s when the Dodgers seemed to appear in the World Series much more regularly, their championship rings were made by Dieges & Clust who are now long gone.

Who knows if anyone is left in the Dodgers organization who even has a relationship with Balfour, so it’s no guarantee the Dodgers will remain with Balfour for their next championship ring.

If the Yankees are their opponent in the 2017 World Series, look for them to utilize Balfour, win or loose. Balfour has made every Yankee championship ring for decades.

One thing we know for sure, the new Dodgers championship ring will be substantially larger and contain much more bling than the two rings shown above.

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Here’s A Video On Making The Warriors NBA Championship Ring

October 19, 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the video link below about the largest championship ring ever made must be priceless. Check it out:

Warroprs 2016-2017 championship ring video

You can witness the incredible amount of time and precious metal and stone resources that are used to make one of the world’s most extravagant, priceless and coveted pieces of championship sports jewelry.

As the video below details, each championship ring captures inside it, the memories and milestones of a winning championship season; while using its very own unique features and characteristics. As was detailed in yesterday’s blog, the Warriors 2016-2017 championship rings contain 83 diamonds on the top face which equals the 83 wins the team compiled in regular and post-season victories. Additionally, the Warriors newest championship ring is the largest championship ring by carat weight that’s ever been awarded.

The gigantic championship ring was made from yellow gold (thanks goodness not white gold) and features a special trophy motif – with five trophies for the team’s five championships. There’s also 31 trapezoid diamonds that represent the team’s road victories and 36 blue sapphires to remind the championship ring owner about the team’s 36 home wins.

Yesterday I touched on some unique characteristics of this championship ring that are new and never before seen in championship rings. Here’s another new one: Inside the championship ring are two raised trophies, which signify the two championships the current team has won. When a recipient of the championship ring takes off the ring, the trophies leave an indentation on the skin to remind the wearer of how many trophies this team has earned! How incredible and unique!

These huge championship rings have become so uncomfortable to wear, I wonder if skin indentations make wearing the Warriors latest championship ring even more challenging to wear for long periods of time.

Here’s the video link: https://youtu.be/E3RnZrylE3A

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Warriors Awarded Stunning 11-Carat Championship Rings

October 18, 2017

The Golden State Warriors set another milestone before playing the Houston Rockets on Tuesday evening. They now own championship rings with the most diamond weight ever assembled.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)golden state warriors 2016-2017 nba championship ring

Move over New England and take your Super Bowl rings with you; there’s a new and larger championship ring out there.

The 83 diamonds on top of the Warriors’ 2016-2017 championship ring represent the number of regular-season and postseason wins the Warriors achieved during last season’s championship run. The two photos above are courtesy of Jason of Beverly Hills.

The team was presented with the 2017 NBA championship rings during a pregame ceremony at Oracle Arena on Tuesday. The championship rings, were designed and manufactured by Jason of Beverly Hills. The most impressive feature is that they contain 11 carats in weight and contain more diamonds than any other championship ring that’s ever been designed for any of the four major North American sports organizations (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL).

The number of total precious stones in the championship rings contain significant meanings. The 36 princess blue sapphires are there to represent the number of Warriors’ home wins last season, and the 31 white trapezoid diamonds represent the team’s road victories. On top of the NBA championship ring, there are 83 diamonds that equal the team’s total number of regular season and playoff wins combined.

In an unprecedented feature of this championship ring, every Warriors players’ numbers is listed around the ring (you can see it in the above photo). This is a very cool idea and one that we’ll no doubt see on future championship rings.

On the sides, “4-0″ appears three times and “4-1″ is there once to represent the team’s playoff-series results in 2017. In addition, the years “2016-2017″ are listed around the championship ring along with each of the players’ numbers. The Roman numerals “XVI-I” are present to represent Golden State’s playoff record.

As is tradition, every player, coach and front office executive has their last name on the championship ring as well. There are also five Larry O’brien championship trophies on the side of the championship ring that represent each of the five NBA championships won by the team.

Also on a major winning streak, is the designer and manufacturer of this championship ring. It’s the fourth championship ring that Jason of Beverly Hills has made in the past nine years.

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Police Recover Blue Jays Championship Rings Stolen 23 Years Ago

October 17, 2017

If you collect championship rings, there’s an important lesson to be learned:

stolen blue jays championship rings

One of the championship rings recovered was a “B” or “C” version (non player size) 1992 World Series ring. Thanks to the efforts of the Toronto-area police department, the original owner has his two championship rings back.

The police learned last week that the two stolen championship rings were being sold online.

The Peel regional police department reported that a personalized 1992 Blue Jays World Series Championship ring and an Anniversary Blue Jays ring, along with jewelry and other items, were taken from a house located in Mississauga, Ontario way back in April 1994.

Police say the original owner was a past Blue Jays executive and has requested that they maintain his privacy. The police also stated that no charges have been issued, however the investigation is still ongoing.

The lesson to be learned is that if you purchase a championship ring, you need to make sure the seller has clear and non disputed title to the championship ring. Proof should be in the form of solid and verifiable paperwork. Never buy a story; instead get concrete proof that the championship ring you are purchasing has paperwork and proof that the ring will not be contested or claimed stolen down the road if you try to sell it.

No doubt the person who had to turn over these two championship rings to the police is probably out a lot of money; unless he can get restitution from the seller he dealt with. Getting a refund from a past seller is typically difficult.

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Cubs World Series Ring Withdrawn From Auction

October 16, 2017

The authentic, player-size Chicago Cubs World Series ring has been removed from Lelands online auction, and the scout who attempted to sell the championship ring is no longer with the organization.

Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Ring withdrawn from Lelands

The Sun-Times has reported that the well known sports memorabilia auction site, Lelands.com cooperated with the Cubs and cancelled the championship ring auction.

This is a highly unusual move, where a well known sports memorabilia auction company removes such a prominent, highly sought after memorabilia piece, unless it is shown to be stolen or it’s authentication becomes an issue.

In this case, the championship ring was authentic and not a stolen piece of property. The Cubs, in one of their first desperate moves in this battle, raised the possibility of the Cubs championship ring not being authentic.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green informed the Tribune in an email Sunday evening, “We appreciate Lelands’ cooperation in removing a ring that was not authorized for sale per the contract with associates.” As was stated in this blog championship ring website a few days ago, Cubs employees who are not players or coaches, were forced to sign an agreement to offer their World Series ring back to the team for $1.00 before trying to sell it.

Green added, “We have identified the scout who no longer works for the ballclub.” He said legally he’s not able to detail why the team and the scout went their separate ways.

The 2016 World Series ring had an opening big of $1,908 — in tribute to the Cub’s previous World Series victory. That amount was shortly shattered as the championship ring was above $65,000 before the item was withdrawn by Lelands, according to the Sun-Times.

Yikes, I guess acquiring a Cubs World Series ring will be a greater challenge than previously thought. At least a player or coaches championship ring is not bound by these silly agreements.

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