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I'm a private sports ring collector and will purchase your sports and championship rings.

To Sell Your Ring(s) Please call Mike:
My phone number is 631 - 774 - 4025.
Email me at:

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Sell Me Your Ring:

  1. I'm a private collector, not a seller, trader or looking to make a profit on your memorabilia. I will pay the highest price for your items.

  2. Since I'm a private collector you won't be embarrassed by seeing your name and ring on ebay or in the newspaper or on the internet or in an auction house. I am totally respectful of your privacy. The ring will stay in my private collection.

  3. I can pay you in Cash or Certified check - whatever works best for you!

To Sell Your Championship Ring(s)  please call Mike at: 631 - 774 - 4025.
Email me at:

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